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Boracay Island

Boracay Island belongs to the Philippines. Kingfisher's Farm in Lugotan is opposite boat station 3 and is an inlet lined by mangroves and coves. It is Boracay’s only Theme Park featuring. It has a fish-farm and a ‘Bonsai’ garden. There is also a restaurant, coffee shop and a beer parlour.  You can bring your own catch of fish and it will be cooked for you by the restaurant people.

Scuba trips will take you to beaches, bays and coves. For those who aren’t up for diving or snorkelling there’s billiards, table tennis, darts, and card games available.

The main beach though for windsurfing is Bulabug beach. You can rent out scuba equipments and also learn diving at the Diving Centre. The Boracay International Fun Board Cup, wing of the Asian Windsurfing Tour is hosted here every year

There are massage parlours and resort near the Titay Theater Restaurant and at Fausto’s Shiatsu Massage.The Caves of the Flying Dogs of Yapak or Bat Cavesare the most visited caves on the island. There are trekking trails on these parts of the island.  Mount Luho is the highest point on Boracay Island.


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