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The East China Sea

This sea is surrounded by Kyushu Islands and Ryukyu Islands of Japan, Taiwan, and by mainland China. It is linked with the South China Sea by the Taiwan Strait.  The Korean Strait links it to the Sea of Japan. The Yellow Sea is towards its north. The most important ports on the sea are Shanghai in China and Nagasaki in Japan.


Miyako is an island in the East China Sea which is famous for its favourable subtropical climate, coral studded beaches and tourist resorts. Each summer a lot of divers gather here to witness the mating of corals which illuminates the water as well as the sea floor. Almost all kinds of water sports are practiced throughout the year at Miyako’s beaches. There are fabulous world-class diving spots around the island.


The Kurima Island nearby is a long reef. It is situated to the southern area of the Miyako Island. While diving and snorkelling along the Higashihenna Cape, you can spot big, eels, rays, turtles, and other marine life. The ocean waves on this part are fairly powerful and divers can seek guidance from trainers and crew available on the island.


During 1998 there was a widespread coral bleaching epidemic around Japanese and Chinese waters. But the Miyako reefs have survived that. People are attracted to Miyako for its spotless beaches and the opportunities it has for adventurous sports and eco-tourism activities.



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